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Our array of nail polishes, removers, and creams will leave your nails healthy and beautiful.

Nail care tips


Moisturize! When putting on body or face moisturizer, put a bit on to your nails, too!


Qpolish Nails & Spa ensures the staff upholds the Professionalism and State of the Nails Industry Art. All performance instruments are 100% sterilized. We apply the highest standard of sanitation for the health and safety. When you step into Qpolish Nails, you become immediately impressed because of the little things you notice. As you sit down to choose from the many menu selections, the warm, inviting staff allows you to totally relax, retreating from the outside world. Then you notice the subtle, not-so-apparent exquisite gestures towards everyone. When the customers leave, they always say “thank you so much.” Why do the customers say “thank you” to the owners? This isn’t just a standard nail salon. At Qpolish Nails, all of the specialists get to know the customers, what they like and do not like. You will notice that a timed massage comes with every treatment.

When was the last time you actually had a timed massage??? That’s right…the specialists at Qpolishnails actually set a timer so you never get a quick superficial massage. If you bring your personal treatment card with you every time come in will get a stamp and after the fifth stamp turn into $10 ticket, under their Frequent Visitor Program.

Also, with Qpolish Nails, your nails last longer because Qpolishnails always uses the top brands, such as O-P-I color.

After your facial, your skin feels soft and vibrant all at the same time, because of the Seacrets products from Dead Sea gently applied only by facial professionals.

Oh, and yes! We do say “thank you” for stopping by. We sincerely mean it.


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